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My son Ethan Michael Sikora plays pop atonal 3 against 4 lead piano  . . .

The murals of the Louisville Free Public Library

As a kid growing up in lower middle class Louisville, the lobby of the Louisville Free Public Library was inspiring.    A hallowed haven of learning and culture that I aspired to attain someday . . .PDR_0020 (3)PDR_0019 (3)


August 31, 2011


Bluesman Blind Walter Titmouse has died early this afternoon. 

He was 39 years of age.

Exact cause of death is as yet undetermined, but it is known

that he was suffering from malnourishment, cold, Stage III

diabetes,  Stage V lymphoma, heart disease, cancer of the

bowel, cancer of the rectum, shingles, gout, thyroid condition,

hair loss, ED, Low ‘T’,  ADD, HIV, scurvy, Sickle Cell Anemia,

stroke, arsenic poisoning, infected gunshot wounds, mental

illness, severe chronic Waller’s Butt and lack of access to

medical care.

Authorities report Titmouse was found by a neighbor who had come

by to borrow Titmouse’s whiskey.  Titmouse left no survivors and

belonged to no church.  No funeral plans have been announced as

authorities are unsure of what to do with the remains.   Since

he was found in a quite desicated state, it has been suggested

that he be featured as a relic in next years Halloween Parade.

Expressions of sympathy may be made to the Society for the

Prevention of Hank William’s Disease, and to MAP (Musician’s

Assistance Program)  which provides drugs for jonesing musicians

in small venues.

Ballad of Christina Green

January 12, 2011

Christina was a bright little girl
you could see it in her eyes
And as her learning increased
her spirit it would rise.

But a Wicked wicked witch in the far far west
cared not a whit for that
her victims were anonymous
like a city, on a map

So she had her hired guns
on sunny Tucson town take aim
“But Somebody’s gonna get killed”,
Gabriell did complain.

The wicked witch said ‘shut up ya wimp
I dont give a fart’
Next thing little Christina lay
with a bullet through her Heart.

And now all of those TeaBaggers,
Each and every one
Standing in the light of Day
See what your Hate has done.

“A Republican Rapture is coming, and they will all be taken away to

whatever Republican Heaven is.”   the Reverend Horny Titmouse

Is Sarah Palin a mainstream Republican ? Well, wasn’t she nominated

and ran for Vice President of the United States ?

‎’Moderate Republican’ has become an oxymoron.

Being no friends of the intellect, Republicans are seldom able to have

a mind of their own.

I’d watch the Sarah Palin video, but I’ve had my fill of Monstrosities


 ‎”Republicans have broadened their attacks from ‘liberals’ to

‘intellectuals’, remeniscent of 1930′s Germany.” Professor Tootmouse

 ‎”Would someone please tell Obama that he doesn’t have to live like a

rufugee ? (In time for the State of the Union) Tom Pitty

‎”If your opponent is drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil.”

James Carville

‎”Gimme some time to Re-load !” Nimrod Titmouse

“Republicans are so ignorant, they’re really not much fun to talk to.

I’d much rather be stuck on a desert island with Jerry Garcia, than

George Will ! ” Silvestor Silvadore
If Jared Lee Loughner really is insane, then Sarah Palin bears ALL the

responsibility for the Tucson Massacre.

 ‎”Funny, I haven’t heard any ‘moderate’ Republicans condemning Sarah

Palin’s role in the Tucson Massacre. Could it be that there aren’t any

? !” the Critic

Sarah Palin is just the tip of the Republican iceberg. What lies below

is far more insidious.

Sick of Republican Sarcasm ? Don’t be nice, give it back at ‘em.

They’ll wilt like petunias !

Republicans are like hunters : They don’t like to shoot at anything

that can shoot back. ” Bugs Bunny

 Republican Abraham Lincoln appealed to the “angels of our better

nature”. Contemporary Republicans appeal to our worst.

I would like to be the first to suggest that the Republicans make

Sarah Palin (AKA ‘Lady MacBeth’, ‘Ole Blood and Guts’) their 2012

Nominee for President of the United States.

Addicts can’t stand criticism, and the Republicans are addicted to

 Ronald Reagon’s “trickle down theory” is a LIE. The people checking

out your groceries in 1980 made $7 an hour. Thirty years later, they

make $8 an hour !

“ The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if

the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it

becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its

essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a

group, or by any other controlling private power…. ” Franklin D.

With every foul word that comes out of their mouths, the Republicans

reveal who they are.
 I sure wish Sarah Palin would learn to play play guitar and use that

to kill her enemies instead !

The Right wing is basically Anarchist now. I guess they figure with

all their Firepower, they’ll rule in that scenario. . .

But was it “senseless” or premeditated ?

 It is no longer respectable to be a Republican.

I see on Sarah Palin’s FaceBook page where she is “praying for the

victims and their families”. Well, as the farmers here in Allen County

say, “pray in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills

up the fastest. . . “

I hate to admit it. I still like Ike, but the Republicans have now

pretty much cornered the market on scum bags.

A friend of mine’s uncle, who was head of the Library of Congress, sat

next to Reagon at a State dinner near the end of Reagon’s first term.

The guy said Reagon was already in advanced senility. Yet the

Republican leadership nominated Reagan for ‘four more years’. Go

Figger !

When I heard, on the radio, Rush Limberger call eleven year old

Chelsea Clinton “a dog” I Knew the Republican Party had become


So now the battle begins on whether Jared Lee was a Commie or a Tea

Bagger. Couldn’t we compromise and just say he is a ‘Commie Bagger’ ?

‎’W’ hands the Banks and Insurance companies One Trillion Dollars in

bailouts, and yet Obama is blamed for the state of the economy. Go

figger !

The Republicans screwed up so bad, they got a _black man_ elected

President. No wonder they are seething !
Only the Republicans could elevate a mean spirited nut case like Sarah

Palin to national status.

Sarah Palin woke this morning with blood on her hands.

Sarah Palin is guilty of murder in exactly the same way Charles Manson


The Tucson Massacre shows the success of the Republican’s new addition

to their arsenal : Terror

“I’m an American, from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,

paid for in blood.” Stallwart Titmouse

It was the most horrific political massacre in American History. And

the Repugnant Ones are responsible.

 ‎”Sarah Palin is pissed off, though she really doesn’t say about what.

Nor does she say what she would do about it. But her being a REPUGNANT

one, I’d guess first on her list is to make sure the top 2% get more

of our money. . .” Thrush Titlouse

Japenese Judo Officer : “But you Americans, I thought you were

supposed to forgive !” James Cagney : “Yea, but we get even first. . .

” Appointment in Tokyo

 ‎”So-called Right Wing Christians. . . better just to call them

Heretics !” the Reverend Horny Tootmouse

And to think, thanks to the Repugnant Ones, this trash might have been

a heart beat away from President of the United States !

The Clarion rang // The Rapture complete // All Mean Spirits // Swept

off the Street // The Earth’s Inheritance // To the Meek !

Revealed : Sarah Palin is a Terrorist.

Terror works. Their malignant political strategy has reached a new


Are the Repugnant Ones happy now that their Terror will intimidate any

decent person who aspires to political office ?

Democrats have taken the high road for the last thirty years in the

face of Repugnant ones lies and slander. Maybe that’s why they call us

“arrogant”. Now it is time for the slug fest . . .

‎”If ya can’t beat’em, Shoot’em !” Sarah M. Pal’em


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