The Pragmatic Bank

June 25, 2014

Pragmatic Bank


The Pragmatic Elite

never eat and never sleep ,


Hiring others

to tend their sheep ,


And hold tight the chair

that Dewey and James once shared ,


Where neither truth nor proof

shall come to light .


And the sheep shall be taught

to worship the quark ,


And deposit their money

in a pragmatic bank .

Untouchable Child

June 24, 2014


Conceived of gold

& water

and blasted

in the shards

of the alter

a cypher and reminder

of the terrible disaster

that plundered their lives

of joy

And left a boy free

to roam & smell

the loam

And taste the clover

& smoke tobacca

& cigars that

hung from


While bumble bees

tasted cherry


Too terrified to ride

that bull with the

ring in his nose

As the horse bent its neck to drink

out of what I thought was an ocean

and I would slide in anon ,

never to be seen again

I wish I ‘d never come ! “

I cried . . .

To my Uncle Carl

who liked to poke my side ,

but held me tight

And that night there was a sign

in the sky

in stars , in a black sky ,

a bow & arrow flew by

And Mawmaw took afright

and Uncle Carl said “ it’s all right “

Jackhammer Blues

June 24, 2014

Living in New York

aint soo bad

the people are friendly

and dont seem sad

But when you try

to sleep at night

you ‘ wake up

with a headache

from the jackhammer bite


I got the blues

I got the New York City

Mutherfuckin ‘



Jackhamma jackhamma hamma all night long

The cops is eat in’ pizza down at Bravos

Park Avenue is nice

But you will pay the price

When you come down with

them New york City

mutherfuckin ‘



Solitary Refinement

June 24, 2014

These last days of solitude

I had abhored

Five years of wars

& hard labors

have their reward

These last days of solitude

spent in confinement

result in refinement

These last days of solitude

I will remember

where I started

and the path

that led me to

the garden  . . .

Comedy Tickets

June 24, 2014


Where theres a way

theres a will

& where theres a will

theres a way

I heard the man in Dallas



we won the war

now we ‘re the whore

In the Fith Dimension

this is trite

soo we need to

get it right

That girl

had her derby screwed

on tight

The cost of comedy tickets

is outta sight !

The Commercial Vehicle

June 23, 2014

The Commercial Vehicle

I had pimped out my 3rd Milenia Odyssey  in the Allen County Kentucky style

with battered fenders  , a cargo door secured with drywall screws

And a cracked plexiglass window installed by


professional who made a living installing auto glass .

The job was guaranteed to keep out any

and all

of Hell ‘s minions ,

and this for several lifetimes .

This car was surely the ugliest in NYC.

We had nearly been busted looking for the New York Public Library .

When we spotted it we quickly found a free parking place on Wall Street .

I pulled in and my son Ethan Michael read the sign to say 3 hours parking for commercial vehicles .

I told Michael :  ” Son , we ‘re set .  If they ask why this is a commercial  vehicle we can tell them we

buy dope in NYC for $480 an ounce and sell it for $80 an ounce in Kentucky .

Tha ‘s right , we dumb .

We dumb . “


We got out of the van and headed for the Library .

Just then , a long dark blue Rolls Royce pulled in behind us .

As it stopped , a darkened window disappeared and we were encountering a swarthy upper crust Arab looking guy with a crisp blue collar , a tie he put on new every day ,  dressed in a $6000.00 blue suit that matched the color of his car ,  with thick dark rimmed eyeglasses that gave him a hard as nails look .

He said :  ” You can ‘t park there .   You will be towed away immediately .  Find a parking garage . “

I said :

There ‘s no parking garage on this street .

He said :

” Well , there one around here somewhere . . .”

Hmm . I thought .    This guy ‘s feeding us old news .   I dont think he wants to help us . . .

Michael said :

” Dad , we better move ! “

I said :

Dont pay no attention to that guy .  He ‘s an agent , a Schmuckeroo ,

a spy

an asshole

a liar

a thief

the devil dressed in the best of threads

with silk on his back

and gold in his mouth

whose evil ways

had prospered him beyond measure

who chortled

as he spied the mortals

far below

through his portal .

Pay no attention to that man

who lies with every breath

and sits behind desks .

And thinks about who

to have murdered next .

Let ‘s sit on the curb and have a smoke and see if we get towed .   Soo we  rolled and smoked as cops wandered by ,  never giving the Honda a single eye while the foreigner stewed in his barbecue carapace of blue for 20 minutes till he drove off silently .

We walked over to the Library and found the stacks were closed .  The books of the New York Public Library , where Bob Dylan had read Civil War era newspaper articles , were no longer public .

Lord I ‘m one

Lord I ‘m  two

Lord I am 500 miles

from my home . . .

02 Track 02 2


Pop atonal 3 against 4 lead piano  . . .


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