Terri : Thanks for wandering by here today , Seraphim !

Seraphim : My pleasure , lovely lady . . .

Terri : Seraphim , you are are not exactly a singer songwriter , or balladeer ,

just how would you describe yourself ?

Seraphim : I am a wandering minstrel , period .

Terri : Oooooh , gross !

Seraphim : A thousand pardons lovely lass , I am what I am .

Terri : Your ballads cover a wide range of subject matter . . .

Seraphim : Yes Terri ,

I treat of many things .

Of things seen and Unseen ,

known and Unknown

from Kuubla Khans pleasure dome ,

to the decay of Rome ,

to the Ganges where the dead do float

And King Arthor ‘s castle moat

You stare into my timeless gaze

into eternity ablaze

with the light of fires

and daunting desires

that nere burn on history ‘s page.

For , you had better know it ,

I am an oral poet . . .

Terri : Oh , Seraphim that was lovely ! What is that instrument you were playing ?

Seraphim :

It twas a Chinese lute

from a Shanghiah house

of ill repute, where there was :

A man named MacGruder

who met a lewd nude from Bermuda .

This lewd nude was crude

and exceedingly rude

but MacGruder was ruder

He screwed ‘er . . .

Terri : I ‘m going to pretend I did n’t hear that Seraphim . Remember , my audience is liberal , but quite prim . Do you always sing instead of speak ? You are kind of a walking opera !

Seraphim :

Yes , lovely girl :

It is my nature to tweet

and sing like Bluebirds sweet

or the thrush on Autumn’s way

Dost sway with the indolent hay

and grass ,

where I fain

would roll your ass

Sweet , nubile lass

of radio land . . .

Terri :

Thou hast deigned to make a pass ,

you are beyond the bounds of crass

Depart from me , thou cur

to thy hellish home sir !


The Pragmatic Bank

June 25, 2014

Pragmatic Bank


The Pragmatic Elite

never eat and never sleep ,


Hiring others

to tend their sheep ,


And hold tight the chair

that Dewey and James once shared ,


Where neither truth nor proof

shall come to light .


And the sheep shall be taught

to worship the quark ,


And deposit their money

in a pragmatic bank .

Solitary Refinement

June 24, 2014

These last days of solitude

I had abhored

Five years of wars

& hard labors

have their reward

These last days of solitude

spent in confinement

result in refinement

These last days of solitude

I will remember

where I started

and the path

that led me to

the garden  . . .

02 Track 02 2


Pop atonal 3 against 4 lead piano  . . .

The murals of the Louisville Free Public Library

As a kid growing up in lower middle class Louisville, the lobby of the Louisville Free Public Library was inspiring.    A hallowed haven of learning and culture that I aspired to attain someday . . .PDR_0020 (3)PDR_0019 (3)


August 31, 2011


Bluesman Blind Walter Titmouse has died early this afternoon. 

He was 39 years of age.

Exact cause of death is as yet undetermined, but it is known

that he was suffering from malnourishment, cold, Stage III

diabetes,  Stage V lymphoma, heart disease, cancer of the

bowel, cancer of the rectum, shingles, gout, thyroid condition,

hair loss, ED, Low ‘T’,  ADD, HIV, scurvy, Sickle Cell Anemia,

stroke, arsenic poisoning, infected gunshot wounds, mental

illness, severe chronic Waller’s Butt and lack of access to

medical care.

Authorities report Titmouse was found by a neighbor who had come

by to borrow Titmouse’s whiskey.  Titmouse left no survivors and

belonged to no church.  No funeral plans have been announced as

authorities are unsure of what to do with the remains.   Since

he was found in a quite desicated state, it has been suggested

that he be featured as a relic in next years Halloween Parade.

Expressions of sympathy may be made to the Society for the

Prevention of Hank William’s Disease, and to MAP (Musician’s

Assistance Program)  which provides drugs for jonesing musicians

in small venues.